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Piano Service in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Gregory's Piano Service

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3712 Ringgold Rd Chattanooga TN 37412

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Business Description

I love what I do & so will you!!'

Mission Statement

To provide Chattanooga quality assistance as a Piano Service, Piano Tuner, Piano and Piano Repair.

Gregory's Piano Service meeting your needs since 1992.


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Born in Norfolk VA, Raised in Atlanta GA
Attended Drake University (BS in Business)
Member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia (music) & Alpha Kappa Psi (business) professional fraternities.
Eagle Scout, still active in Scouting as a merit badge counselor.
Married since Jan 1979, 2 children, both in college.

I spent 20 years in U. S. Army bands, playing tuba and electric bass. During that time I also was on staff at the Navy School of Music, and served overseas in Germany and Panama. I now play tuba with the Jericho Brass Band and sing in the choir at St. Luke's Episcopal Church.

I began piano tuning while still on active duty in the Army. I was stationed in Va Beach VA and joined the local chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild there. When I retired from the Army and we moved to the Chattanooga area I began attending the Atlanta PTG chapter meetings. I have been active in the Guild since 1992, going to National and Regional Conferences, which are actually technical institutes offering an assortment of classes on piano technology. I am a Registered Piano Technician in the Guild which means I have passed a series of standardized tests demonstrating competency in tuning, regulation and repairs.

Piano tuning is a perfect fit for me. I like being self-employed, setting my own schedule.I meet interesting & intelligent people, and facilitate their love of music by maintaining their pianos. Being a piano technician is tool junkie heaven - the perfect excuse to have lots of unique tools and use them as I repair and regulate pianos. Piano technology is a complex field, there is always something new, so I'm constantly learning and improving, keeping my mind young.


  • Steinway Factory Trained Technician
  • Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Alumni

1) Tuning

When I tune your piano I use a combination of the latest electronic technology and aural skills to insure the best possible tuning for your piano. If your piano is too far away from standard pitch it will need a "pitch correction" , also called a "pitch raise" or "rough tuning". This allows me to get the tension adjusted on the plate and all 230+ strings so the Fine Tuning will hold.

2) Repairs

Repairs can be anything from the proverbial "sticky key" to replacing parts. Anything I can fix in 10 to 15 minutes on a regular service call I fix for free. If it will take longer, or if I see larger problems I explain what the repair is, the cost and how it affects your piano. Then you decide.

3) Regulation

4) Voicing

Voicing, or "Tone Regulation" is the adjustment of the sound of your piano. I use a variety of techniques to get the piano sound how you want it. Sometimes other work will need to be done to prepare the piano for Voicing. You might consider Voicing if the sound has changed noticeably, if the sound varies from note to note, or if you can no longer play softly with control.

5) Humidity Control System Installation

I regularly install Dampp-Chaser brand humidity control systems. I have found that these systems help stabilize tunings through the year, reduce "sticky key" and sluggish key problems, and prolong the life of your piano.

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Chattanooga, Cleveland



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3712 Ringgold Rd
Chattanooga, TN 37412


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