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Psychic Reader in Melbourne, Florida

Psychic Readings by Doris

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(321) 727-7734

1821 S Harbor City Blvd Melbourne FL 32901

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Business Description

My name is Doris. I am a psychic reader and advisor, I have been clairvoyant for over 30 years now. I have been blessed with the gift , This was handed down to me through my grandmother, It has also touched my daughter, Amanda. I believe this gift was given to me so I may help others in their time of need.' 'My daughter and I are very successful with using these abilities to see into the past, present and the future. She has been here with me for over 15 years. And We have been in one location for over 20 years. We do not think of this as job or career but simply as a way of life for helping others. 'Allow us to look into your life and tell you what we see.

Mission Statement

To provide Melbourne quality Psychic assistance as a Psychic Reader, Psychic Reading Service, Tarot Card Reader and Fortune Teller.

Psychic Readings by Doris meeting your Psychic needs since .

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Psychic Readings by Doris is a palm reader and psychic reading service located in Melbourne, FL. They offer a wide selection of card reading services and fortune telling services.
Psychic Readings by Doris has a psychic reader, a tarot card reader, a fortune teller, a psychic medium, a tarot reader, a palm reader, and offers clairvoyance services. They offer some of the top fortune telling and card reading services in the area.
For more information on Psychic Readings by Doris, please call (321) 727-7734 or visit their website at to view additional palm reading services.

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Psychic Reader

Psychic Reading Service

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Fortune Teller

Psychic Medium

Tarot Reader

Palm Reader

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Psychic Reader in Melbourne, Florida Psychic Reading Service in Melbourne, Florida Tarot Card Reader in Melbourne, Florida Fortune Teller in Melbourne, Florida
Psychic Medium in Melbourne, Florida Tarot Reader in Melbourne, Florida Palm Reader in Melbourne, Florida Clairvoyance Service in Melbourne, Florida
Medium in Melbourne, Florida Psychic in Melbourne, Florida Psychic Reader in Melbourne, Florida Psychic Reading Service in Melbourne, Florida
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1821 S Harbor City Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32901


(321) 727-7734


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1821 S Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901