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F.A.Q.S. Frequently Asked Questions provides a valuable service to both consumers and local businesses by linking the two, providing exposure for business and search results, reviews and information for customers. Find more detailed answers to your questions here.

What is is a unique new way to find shops and services online. You can research local companies and read user reviews to make the right purchasing decision. Or, simply leave a comment or review on a company you have used recently or in the past. The choice is up to you!

Can I use for free?

Except for paid advertising by companies on our site, all of our services are free.

Can anyone write reviews for

We welcome submissions from anyone with personal experience with the companies listed on our website. While not all reviews will meet our standards for objectivity and fairness, we do our best to present honest and accurate reviews for our readers, regardless of the negative or positive content of those reviews.

Why is my business listed on

We collect information from a number of online sources and third-party data providers. Chances are good that your business information was obtained from one of these sources. In some cases, consumers may provide us with the information on your company during the course of the online review process.

How is my personal information protected on

Our privacy policy is available here and provides comprehensive information on how we protect and use your personal information to enhance your experience on