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MyServiceProfile Quality Guidlelines

User submissions are at the heart of the experience. However, we do have some restrictions and recommendations for those submissions:

Be honest

Your readers will benefit most from an honest and straightforward recounting of your experiences. Try not to embellish or exaggerate any elements of your story; instead, tell the truth to make the best impression and establish your reputation as a top-flight reviewer.

Stick to the point

While it may be tempting to work in a potentially irrelevant anecdote, sticking to the topic at hand will win you the respect and thanks of busy readers.

Remain unbiased

If you have a conflict of interest in a specific case, refrain from commenting or writing a review for that company on our site. For example, if you are personally connected with the business owner(s) in any way, let unbiased writers review the business in question.

Be yourself

Do not copy content to post on our website. While we appreciate the thought, our readers want your own opinions and experiences, not those borrowed from another writer on another site.