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Known for its natural beauty and cold climate, Alaska holds the distinction of being the largest state in the U.S. and covers nearly 600,000 square miles of territory. Despite its expansive area, most of Alaska's population is concentrated in and around Anchorage, the state's largest city. The climate of Alaska varies considerably from place to place; northern areas are typically colder and drier, while coastal regions and southern areas usually feature warmer and wetter weather. The Aleutian Islands extend south and east of Alaska and enjoy moderate temperatures throughout the year.

Industrial employment in Alaska centers on the oil industry; four out of five dollars earned in Alaska are directly related to oil. Seafood and fishing are also important to Alaska's economy. The federal government employs a fair percentage of Alaskans as well, in a variety of positions; military and educational positions are among the most commonly available in the state. Many rural areas and smaller communities farm, fish and hunt on a subsistence basis or to resell these foods at local farmers' markets for additional income. Native Alaskans make up approximately 15 percent of the population; many still practice the customs and lifestyles of their ancestors in the unspoiled wilderness areas of Alaska.

Stunning natural vistas, abundant wildlife and cultural events attract many visitors to Alaska each year. The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is one of the most popular events and is televised to a global audience each year. Other cultural events include the Sitka Whale Fest, the World Ice Art Championships and the Anchorage Folk Festival. Residents of Alaska also enjoy the lowest taxes in the U.S.; the state assesses no sales tax and no individual income tax, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and small business owners. For residents of Alaska, this untamed state offers freedom and adventure unlike any other.

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