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Arkansas bills itself as the Natural State, and it lives up to its name with more than 9,000 miles of crystal-clear waterways and 2.9 million acres of protected national forests. Part of the Louisiana Purchase that transferred approximately 828,000 acres of land from France to the recently independent United States of America, Arkansas settlers typically supported themselves through hunting, fur trading and subsistence farming. Cotton plantations and mining also played a role in the development of the state's economy; today, manufacturing, tourism, farming and forestry are among the most important economic drivers for Arkansas.

Hunting and fishing continue to be popular activities throughout the state of Arkansas. Deer and ducks are the most common targets for gun and bow hunters, and the state has a plentiful supply of both types of game. The Ozark Mountains offer numerous events and attractions for tourists, including the annual Ozark Folk Festival and the King Biscuit Blues Festival; these events celebrate Arkansas culture and native musical styles. Residents enjoy rooting for the University of Arkansas Razorbacks football team and can be heard "calling the hogs" at every home game.

Little Rock and Fayetteville are the largest cities in Arkansas and together constitute more than a third of the state's population. The low cost of living and ample local resources make Arkansas a popular choice among businesses looking to expand or relocate their corporate offices and industrial activities. The state's business-friendly policies add to its appeal and enhance employment prospects for residents of Arkansas.

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