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The home of the Grand Canyon, Arizona was the 48th state to gain admission to the Union. Roughly one-quarter of its land mass is devoted to tribal reservations; as a result, Native American influences have had a significant impact on Arizona's culture. Although much of Arizona is classified as desert, the northern pine forests enjoy a generally temperate climate, with dry weather prevalent throughout the state.

Arizona's population is a diverse mix. The state boasts the largest number of residents fluent in Native American languages in the U.S. Apache is the most frequently spoken language among these individuals. The dramatic landscapes and rich culture of Arizona attract numerous visitors each year; along with the epic scale and majesty of the Grand Canyon, guests can enjoy the stark beauty of the Meteor Crater and the lush green vegetation that surrounds the meandering Colorado River.

With only 15 percent of its land in the hands of private owners, Arizona's population is concentrated in Phoenix, its largest city. It is estimated that more than two-thirds of all Arizona residents live in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Health care, tourism, transportation and government agencies account for most employment within the state of Arizona. Ranching and copper mining helped to spur Arizona's initial growth and expansion, and these activities continue to play significant roles in the state's economy.

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