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Known as the Centennial State, Colorado joined the United States in 1876. Although one third of the land mass of Colorado consists of plains, the eastern portion is dominated by the Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide. Striking red rock formations and canyons are popular attractions for tourists, and the southern deserts provide habitats for many varieties of wildlife. One of the most important features of Colorado's geological landscape is the Dinosaur National Monument; this area contains a number of paleontological digs of major significance in the scientific world. Colorado derives its name from the Colorado River that winds its way across the Colorado Plateau on its way to the Gulf of California to the southwest.

Colorado was originally inhabited by the Ancient Pueblo Peoples, the Utes, the Comanches and the Apaches. The westward expansion of European settlers across the Continental Divide eventually led to its establishment as a territory of the U.S. Silver was discovered in Colorado just after the end of the Civil War and attracted many fortune seekers to try their luck in the mountains of the state.

Today, Colorado's economy is based on agricultural products, federal employment and scientific and industrial enterprises. Beer and wine are among the most popular Colorado exports. Established in 1906, the Denver Mint produces coins that are circulated throughout the U.S. Several important film festivals also call Colorado home; these include the Telluride Film Festival, the Moondance International Film Festival and the Castle Rock Film Festival. History buffs can take in the sights at the History Colorado Center located in Denver.

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