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Located in the southern part of New England, Connecticut was the fifth of the original 13 colonies to achieve statehood. Before European settlers arrived, the area was inhabited by the Mohegan Indian tribe; Connecticut derives its name from an Algonquin word used by the Mohegan that means "upon the long river." Originally colonized by the Dutch, the area was soon discovered and settled by English arrivals in the 1630s. The state enjoys a humid climate with temperatures varying depending on the area's proximity to the coast. Hot summers give way to colder winters, with temperatures hovering at or just over freezing for most of the winter months.

Connecticut residents enjoy the highest per-capita income levels in the U.S. Major economic factors for the state include Connecticut's traditional maritime activities and thriving financial services and insurance industries. Agriculture is also important for Connecticut; poultry, eggs, dairy products and tobacco are among the most popular exports of the state. The aircraft industry has become a significant part of Connecticut's economy in recent decades, as well.

Whaling and fishing were important activities in Connecticut's economic development. As a result, many cultural and historic sites are devoted to these activities; whaling villages provide a taste of life as it was once lived in this coastal area. The Custom House Maritime Museum is located in New London and offers another view of the traditional fishing and whaling history of Connecticut.

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