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Known as the Sunflower State because of its ample supply of these tall gold and black flowering plants, Kansas derives its name from the Kansa Indians who once lived here. Much of what is now Kansas was originally acquired by the U.S. in the Louisiana Purchase of 1803. The 34th state in the Union, Kansas joined the U.S. in 1861. During the Civil War, hostilities between Missouri and Kansas led to raids over the Kansas-Missouri border by factions within both states. The most serious incident occurred in 1863 when Missouri native William Quantrill raided and sacked the town of Lawrence at the cost of almost 200 lives.

Much of Kansas consists of fertile flat plains ideal for agricultural pursuits. As a result, Kansas residents typically find employment in farming activities, cattle ranching, sheep and hog farming and in providing services for those engaged in those pursuits. Kansas also ranks eighth in the U.S. in both oil and natural gas production levels. Aerospace manufacturers including Cessna, Learjet and Boeing provide jobs for many Kansans. Sprint Nextel Corporation, Payless Shoes, Koch Industries and Garmin are among the major U.S. companies that have made their headquarters in the state of Kansas.

The movie industry has twice chosen real or fictional Kansas towns as representative areas in the depiction of the effects of nuclear attack. The 1983 made-for-TV movie "The Day After" showed the effects of nuclear war on the college town of Lawrence; the town was chosen in part due to its status as the geographical center of the U.S. In 2006, the series "Jericho" depicted similar events in a fictitious town located in the heart of Kansas.

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