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The name Kentucky is derived from an Iroquois word meaning meadow lands. This describes the central areas of the Bluegrass State exceptionally well; these prairie lands were once home to buffalo herds and held plentiful game for Native American hunters and settlers alike. One of the most famous pioneers in Kentucky, Daniel Boone, was responsible for establishing the Wilderness Road through the Cumberland Gap of the Appalachian Mountains. This road served as the primary route for settlers to reach Kentucky until shortly before 1840. Daniel Boone gained fame from his exploits in exploring this untamed territory; at one point, he was captured by the Shawnee and was adopted into their tribe as one of their warriors. He later served as part of the Virginia General Assembly and ended his life in Missouri as a hunter, trapper and frontiersman in the company of his family.

Kentucky is known as a center for coal mining and tobacco production. Horse racing and agriculture are also important elements of Kentucky's diverse economy, which ranks fourth in the nation in automotive production as well. Fort Knox is famed as the location of the U.S. Bullion Depository, a high-security storage facility for much of the nation's gold reserves; the nearby military base serves to discourage any would-be gold thieves. The recently opened Army Human Resource Center of Excellence in Fort Knox will provide employment for thousands of Kentucky residents.

Popular cultural events include the Kentucky Derby, one of the three legs of the Triple Crown in horse racing. The Kentucky State Fair, the National Corvette Museum and the Kentucky Bourbon Festival also attract numerous tourists to the state each year.

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