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Known by many fiction readers as the home of popular novelist Stephen King, Maine is located at the northeastern corner of the New England region. It is bordered by New Hampshire on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the south; much of its northern land mass is surrounded by Canadian provinces. Numerous European settlements were attempted and failed in the area now known as Maine. The few that survived were incorporated into the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Maine later seceded from Massachusetts and was granted statehood in 1820 as a part of the Missouri Compromise.

With more than 90 percent of its land devoted to forests, Maine is known as the Pine Tree State and offers numerous natural attractions for tourists and residents. Hunting, fishing and camping are among the most popular activities. Maine's commercial fishing industry has lost much of its importance in recent years as the state's economic enterprises have diversified; however, the maritime history of Maine continues to make its presence felt in the lobster trade and in numerous historic sites and whale watching tours along the coast. Agricultural exports are also important to Maine's economy. The state is the number one exporter of blueberries in the U.S.

With approximately 20 percent of the population of Maine concentrated in the Greater Portland metropolitan area, many areas of the state remain unspoiled and largely uninhabited. This offers numerous wild spaces for tourists and residents to enjoy and explore on hikes and camping vacations in the western areas of Maine.

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