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The first colony to repudiate British rule during the American Revolution and one of the original 13 colonies, New Hampshire is a coastal state located in New England. The state derives its name from Hampshire County in England and is known as the Granite State due to the preponderance of that stone in the cliffs and rock formations of New Hampshire. Forests cover 84 percent of the state and cover 4.8 million acres of the land mass of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is famous in folk literature as the home of lawyer, politician and statesman Daniel Webster. Webster lived in New Hampshire for much of his life and was immortalized in "The Devil and Daniel Webster," a short story by Stephen Vincent Benet. In the work of fiction, Webster was called upon to defend a New Hampshire man against a lawsuit brought by the devil to acquire his immortal soul. While Webster is not reported to have ever defended such a case in his actual life, the quick thinking and legal acumen demonstrated by the fictional Webster was also noted in the real New Hampshire attorney.

New Hampshire conducts the first presidential primary in the U.S. election cycle. This distinction makes New Hampshire a valuable bellwether state in determining the likely course of primary election results throughout the nation. New Hampshire also offers a wide range of outdoor activities for residents and guests that include snow skiing, hiking, kayaking, fishing and even zip-lining for the more adventurous types in the crowd.

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