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Nevada is named for the nearby Sierra Nevada mountain range; the words Sierra Nevada mean "snow-covered range" in Spanish. The state is often called the Silver State because of its silver mining history. The southern portion of Nevada is located in the Mojave Desert, an arid region with many native species that thrive on the dry, hot summer weather and cool, rainy winter conditions common in this area of the U.S. Overall, Nevada is the driest state in the country and receives only about seven inches of rain each year.

The Las Vegas metropolitan area is the largest population center for the state of Nevada. Gambling and entertainment industries provide much of the economic support for this area, which has become a popular tourist destination for many U.S. residents. Nevada is the only U.S. state where prostitution is legal; however, brothels must be licensed and are regulated by the counties in which they are allowed to operate. Nevada was once considered a haven for "quickie divorces" due to its lenient divorce statutes. However, most states now have provisions for no-fault divorce that make this aspect of Nevada law somewhat less important.

Nevada's economy is based on a combination of tourism, mining and agricultural pursuits. Of these, tourism and the entertainment industry employ the largest percentage of workers. Natural attractions located in Nevada include Death Valley National Park, the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Great Basin National Park and the Humboldt National Forest.

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