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A gateway for immigrants seeking a new life in the United States, New York boasts the third largest population in the country and is home to New York City, the largest city by population in the U.S. Ellis Island served as the first experience many immigrants had with their new home; the center processed more than 12 million individuals between its opening in 1892 and its decommissioning in 1954. Many Ellis Island immigrants could see the Statue of Liberty as they passed through the facility gates. Today, Ellis Island and Liberty Island are part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

New York City is known as the Big Apple and provides residents with a wide range of entertainment and employment options. Broadway shows, shopping on Fifth Avenue and world-class dining venues are all part of the mystique of this cosmopolitan city. Traffic jams are a daily occurrence in this densely populated urban area; as a result, many residents of New York City walk, bike or take mass transit to reach their destinations. Outside New York City, however, much of New York State is devoted to agriculture and forested areas. The Catskill Mountains are a popular vacation destination and feature many noted comedians and musicians to entertain guests to the area. Skiing, swimming, hiking and mountain climbing are among the most common activities enjoyed by residents and guests to New York State.

New York was one of the original 13 colonies and was partially responsible for the Boston Tea Party; the instigators of that act of rebellion were the Sons of Liberty, a group that had its roots in the New York area.

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