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Located on the border of the Great Plains, Oklahoma derives its name from a Choctaw phrase meaning Red People; the name is thought to refer to the Native American peoples in aggregate. Nearly one-fourth of the state is devoted to forests, many of which are incorporated as part of the state and federal parks system. Located in the region known as Tornado Alley, Oklahoma is often subjected to tornadoes and other severe weather patterns. Fortunately, most of these severe weather events occur in low population areas and cause minimal damage to cities and residents.

Cattle ranchers and cowboys were among the first settlers in Oklahoma. Some efforts were made to establish Oklahoma as a permanent home for Native Americans displaced from their traditional lands and regions; however, these efforts failed. Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907. Soon after, oil was discovered and became a major force in the state's economy. Tulsa was crowned the Oil Capital of the World, and drilling became commonplace throughout the surrounding area. Oklahoma still ranks second in the nation in the production of natural gas.

Agricultural activities continue to account for a large percentage of Oklahoma's economy. Electronics, telecommunications, aviation and food processing companies provide employment opportunities for many Oklahoma natives. The federal and state governments employ the largest percentage of workers in Oklahoma. Transportation and utility companies also provide jobs for many residents of this state.

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