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Located in the scenic Pacific Northwest, Oregon is the ninth largest state in the U.S. by land mass. The etymology of the Oregon name is unclear; it is thought that the region was called Ouragon by the Native Americans who resided in the area prior to the arrival of European settlers. Spanish explorers first mapped the area in approximately 1543, but it was not until the arrival of French Canadian hunters, trappers and traders that permanent settlements were established by European colonists in the Oregon area. Both the U.S. and Great Britain laid claim to Oregon in the 1840s; however, this ownership dispute was peacefully resolved in 1846. England continued to claim the area that would eventually become part of Canada; the U.S. was ceded control of the territory below the 49th parallel.

Oregon joined the Union in 1859. During this period, sales of lumber, grain and agricultural products constituted the bulk of the state's economic exports. The development of rail travel throughout the continental U.S. opened new markets and new opportunities for growth in Oregon. The establishment of the Bonneville Dam provided a valuable source of hydroelectric power to fuel the expanding industrial base within the rapidly growing state.

Today, Oregon continues to derive much of its income from agriculture, the lumber industry, salmon fishing and tourism. Crater Lake National Park is a popular destination for many visitors to Oregon. Hunting, fishing and hiking are among the most common outdoor activities for Oregon guests and residents alike.

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