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Established by Quaker William Penn in 1681, the colony known as Pennsylvania was given by King Charles II of England in payment for a debt. William Penn was an exceptional leader and negotiated a peace treaty with the leader of the local Delaware Indian tribe, Tammany, that maintained friendly relations between the settlers in Pennsylvania and these native peoples for many years. This provided a significant advantage for Pennsylvania; because the residents of this area were not under threat of attack by displaced Native American tribes, they were able to develop and farm the land allotted to them much more quickly and efficiently.

Pennsylvania played a key role in the American Revolution. As one of the original colonies, Pennsylvania hosted the First and Second Continental Congresses. Both of these meetings were held in Philadelphia, and the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place there in 1776. The famed Liberty Bell was once thought to have been rung to announce the signing; legend has it that the bell cracked in 1835 when it was rung to mourn the death of Chief Justice John Marshall. Regardless of the circumstances, the Liberty Bell and its iconic crack continue to reside in Philadelphia and to receive many visitors each year.

Financial services, agriculture and manufacturing are among the primary economic activities in Pennsylvania. Tourism is also important; historic tours and important sites attract numerous visitors to the state, especially in and around the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Major attractions include the Philadelphia Zoo, the Carnegie Museums and the Houdini Museum in Scranton.

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