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A coastal state located in the southeastern area of the U.S., South Carolina was originally founded as a colony by England. Philosopher and political theorist John Locke was responsible for the original constitution of the Carolina colony before it was reorganized into two separate British colonies. South Carolina retained control of its harbors and expanded its agricultural activities to include growing rice and raising beef cattle. These items were traded throughout the colonies and provided South Carolina with added financial resources that spurred its economic growth.

Before the Civil War, South Carolina was one of the most vociferous voices in favor of secession and was the first state to declare its independence from the Union. Much of the state's agricultural base was destroyed by Union troops; blockades and bombings interrupted trade to the harbors as well. It is estimated that almost one in three white males of age to fight were killed during the hostilities. After the Confederacy was defeated, South Carolina was subjected to Reconstruction. Many residents of the state lost what little property remained during this period of South Carolina history.

Today, South Carolina's economy remains rooted in agricultural activities; tobacco and soybeans are among the most important cash crops for the state. Manufacturing, health services, hospitality and leisure and tourism round out the employment options for most South Carolina residents.

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