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The Old Dominion State was named after Elizabeth I of England, also known as the Virgin Queen. Her funding allowed Sir Walter Raleigh to establish a colony in the New World; in return, he named one of the most fertile and appealing areas of the Atlantic Coast after the queen. Jamestown was founded by the London Company in 1607 and became the first major English settlement in North America. While many settlers died of cold, hunger and disease during the first years, Jamestown persevered and expanded to ensure the success of the Virginia Colony. Virginia was one of the original 13 colonies and served as the birthplace of four of the first five presidents of the United States. In total, eight presidents were born in Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia, was chosen to serve as the new capital for the Confederate States of America. Virginian Robert E. Lee served as the commanding general for the Confederate armies. Virginia's decision to join the war on the Confederate side led to the splitting away of West Virginia, which remained loyal to the Union and fought on the side of the North.

Today, Virginia's economy is supported by service industry employment, tobacco and technology jobs. The U.S. Department of Defense is a major employer within the state. Cultural attractions include the annual Virginia State Fair, Virginia Beach's Neptune Fair and the Chrysler Museum of Art.

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