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Vermont's name is derived from the French words for green and mountain; fittingly enough, the state's nickname is the Green Mountain State. Vermont produces the largest amount of maple sugar for export in the U.S. More than three-quarters of its surface area is covered by forests; as a result, Vermont enjoys a wide range of resident wildlife that includes wild turkeys, deer, eastern cottontail rabbits, voles, beavers, flying squirrels and red squirrels, shrews, bats, mink, moose and black bears. Turtles, salamanders and non-venomous snakes are commonly seen throughout Vermont as well.

Thanks in part to the valiant efforts of the Green Mountain Boys in defending the colony against annexation by its neighbors, Vermont enjoyed a period of sovereignty between 1777 and 1791. It was the 14th state inducted into the Union and the first outside the original 13 colonies. Lumber production and agriculture were among the most important economic activities in Vermont before the 20th century; however, increasing industrialization and modern farming techniques have reduced the work involved in dairy farming to allow a greater degree of precision in cheese-making and other artisanal food production methods. Organic farming is also important to Vermont's modern economy.

Attractions in the state include numerous ski lodges and slopes, golf resorts and boating trips on Lake Champlain. Ice fishing is popular in the winter; antique dealers and art galleries provide opportunities for that once-in-a-lifetime find.

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