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Located at the extreme northwest corner of the contiguous lower 48 states, Washington enjoys a cool, foggy climate that is ideal for lumbering and agricultural activities. Salmon fishing is an important economic activity for the state of Washington as well; manufacturing and shipbuilding round out the most common employment opportunities for residents of Washington State. Mount Rainier National Park, the Glacier Peak Wilderness and the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge are among the protected natural and wildlife environments within the state of Washington.

Washington derives its name from the first President of the United States, George Washington. Originally considered part of the Oregon Territory, the area now known as Washington State was re-designated as the Washington Territory in 1853. Washington became a state in 1889, shortly before the Industrial Era began in full force in this region of the U.S. The rich natural resources and availability of hydroelectric power allowed Washington to harness industrial power to enhance its economic status in the challenging markets of the 20th century.

Mount St. Helens is one of several volcanic peaks in the state of Washington and the only currently active one known to exist within the state. The last major eruption of Mount St. Helens took place in 1980 and created widespread destruction in the surrounding area; 57 people lost their lives and more than $1 billion in damage was estimated to have been caused by this violent volcanic eruption.

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