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Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the U.S. It ranks last, however, in population and second-to-last in population density. Nearly half of all land area in Wyoming is under the control and ownership of the federal government. Protected national forests and grasslands are counted in this acreage; the National Park Service also maintains a number of public parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the state of Wyoming.

Yellowstone National Park offers a suitable habitat for the bison, grizzly bears, elk and other wildlife that call this area of the country home. Less frequently seen residents of Yellowstone National Park are lynx, wolverines and whooping cranes. Popular features of this natural retreat include the Grand Prismatic Spring and the park's numerous geysers. Old Faithful is perhaps the most famous of these geysers and erupts regularly on cue at roughly 91-minute intervals. Other Wyoming attractions include the Devils Tower National Monument, Fossil Butte National Monument, the Grand Teton National Park and the Medicine Wheel National Historic Site.

Approximately half of the state's residents live in one of its 13 largest (by population) municipalities. Mining and agriculture are among the most common pursuits. Wyoming is first in coal production, second in natural gas production and fifth in petroleum oil production in the U.S. As a result, the energy industry is a major employer in Wyoming and provides jobs for many residents of this expansive western state.

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