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Ranked fifth in the U.S. in population density, only eight states cover less area than Maryland. Along the coastline, Maryland's landscape consists of dunes and marshlands; to the inland, however, the state boasts pine and oak forests that provide homes for many types of native wildlife. Numerous inlets, streams and bays make Maryland a popular destination for fishing, boating and ecotourism. has ranked Maryland fifth in the nation in green-friendly policies and environmental awareness.

Maryland shares Assateague Island with its neighbor to the south, Virginia. This small barrier island is the famed home of several herds of feral horses that have been publicized extensively and popularized by children's novels. Tourists often come into contact with these horses on trips to the island. The National Park Services manages their care and provides health and population control services to ensure the safety of these wild creatures.

Maryland's economy is bolstered by its proximity to Washington, D.C. Many commuters live in Maryland and work in the nation's capital; as a result, Maryland enjoys one of the most diverse population bases in the country. Biotechnology and transportation services are among the most important economic activities in the state. Commercial fishing enterprises and educational institutions provide added employment opportunities for Maryland residents, allowing the state to enjoy the highest per-capita median household income in the United States.

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